Andrew Linder,

How to Be Your Child’s Hero In 3 Easy Steps

Every child needs a hero. And every dad can be one.

I had two specific heroes growing up–my Dad and Michael Jordan. I desperately wanted to someday play in the NBA. I also wanted to become a pastor like my father. (Thankfully, one of those two came true.)

Your kids are no different. They have people in their lives they idolize and look up to as well—real-life heroes. Here are three simple ways you can make sure to be the #1 hero in your kids’ eyes.

  1.  Give them THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR LOVE. Every child needs clear boundaries and unconditional love. Meet those two needs, and many of the others will naturally fall into place. Your child deserves a hero who believes in them, cheers for them, and accepts them at their highest and lowest, and they need to know that person is you.  

  2.  Give them THE GIFT OF YOUR TIME. Every person gets just 24 hours a day. No more and no less. So when you take your valuable time and generously invest it in the life of a child, that child takes notice, because it makes them feel special. And it should. Heroes don’t become heroes by accident. They sacrificially gift themselves to others.

  3.  Give them THE SECURITY OF YOUR RULES. Clear boundaries are one of the essentials. And while they may resist them, they still desire them. Because boundaries bring a sense of security just like a guardrail when walking close to a ledge. They communicate love and concern to our children and demonstrate that there is a hero looking out for them and their safety.    

Every child wants and needs a hero. And you can be that hero by simply providing these three things that God wired your kids to need—love, time, and rules. 

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