Stephen Kendrick, The Fatherhood CoMission

‘Be a Praying Dad!’

As a young boy, I accidentally wandered in on my dad a few times. I never found him looking at inappropriate magazines or using drugs. But multiple times, I found him in his room or closet on his knees praying. What seemed weird to me then is something I totally treasure now. You can tell a lot about a man’s character by what he does in secret. And I admit I was deeply impacted by seeing my father bowing before God when no one was watching.

Over the years, I knew there was a powerful and loving God whose ears were attentive to our gray-headed father’s desperate pleas. My dad would be the first to tell you that he was no spiritual superstar. He struggled in many ways with many things. He confessed that he often felt overwhelmed by his own insecurities and failures.What seemed normal for me then is clearly abnormal in our world today. Now with six children of my own, I can honestly say that dad’s example, the wisdom of the scriptures, and my personal experiences have taught me that prayer is fundamental and one of the greatest opportunities any father has.  

No matter how strong you think you are; no matter how many zeros are in your 401k, your priceless children will always be subject to circumstances beyond your control. Face it, you cannot always protect them, provide their every need, or monitor the swarm of dark cultural influences that surround them. You surely can’t control their hearts and you definitely don’t know their future. 

But you can rest in this fact. There is a living, loving God Who is limitless in power, eternal in perspective, and knows and loves your kids much more than you do! He can easily go with them and guide them when you can’t. He can truly protect them and positively influence them in every situation. And so, He invites you to place each of them and your every concern into His loving arms. This June it’s time to start and really pray for your children! 

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