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‘Fatherhood is All About Decisions’

My wife and I knew we wanted children and we put a lot of thought into it before we were even married as what that might look like. We made the decision that even though my wife, Jan, had lived in Southern California since the age of 5, that we did not want to raise a family there.

The year was 1984 and we moved from Long Beach, CA to Colorado Springs, CO. We knew that where you lived makes a huge difference! We also made the decision that if God blessed us with children, Jan would be a full-time mom.

Fast forward to 1990 when we had two daughters and were living in Springfield, IL. Our first daughter was born in Colorado in 1987 and our second in Washington State in 1989. We then made the decision in 1992 that we would homeschool our children.

Dads, decisions really matter. Life happens and it is made up of small daily decisions and sometimes large life changing ones. Please understand that as the provider, protector and priest of your home you lead in making the decisions with your wife and these decisions will surely impact your family.

May I suggest something to you? Make the decision this June of 2023 to be in the Bible every day. The Bible is “a lamp to your feet and a light to your path.’  Psalms 199:105  Then pray each day that the decisions you make will honor God and lead your family well.

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