Mike Sandlin, Director of Cape Fear Men

‘Good Dad or Good Daddy?’

I have recently seen and heard some things that make me wonder what individuals think makes a man a good dad. Many times, I have heard people say, “He is a good daddy.” So, what makes one a ‘good daddy”? Some say a good dad gives their children presents and spends time with them. Some say it is because they go to their recitals, their ball games, and support them in their endeavors. But is that all? Is that all it takes to be a good dad? I suspect most men want to be more than a good dad, they want to be a good daddy.

Being a good daddy is much more than spending time with your children and attending their ball games. The action that moves a man from being a good dad to a good daddy is how he treats his children’s mom – his wife. Showing their mom kindness and respect. Not belittling or speaking poorly about her, especially to his own children. Instead, loving her as Christ loves the church and gave his life for her (Eph 5:25). Living with her in an understanding way and showing her honor (1 Peter 3:7). Knowing, understanding, and putting into action her love languages. In other words, putting her needs and desires above his own.

A good daddy lets his children see that he is more concerned for her needs than his own. Treating her like his queen – the Queen of the family. This is a sign of a good daddy and not just a good dad. This is a man that not only cares for his children but he honors and cares for his wife – their mom. This is a man who is showing his son how to treat a woman when he begins to date. He is showing his daughter how she should expect to be treated when she begins to date. Our children are watching and listening. They learn from us.

A man needs to be pouring his life into his family – his whole family. Our culture has drifted to a point that, as a culture, we do not see that one affects the other. Men, if you want to be more than just a good dad; but a good daddy, show your children how to treat women by loving and honoring their moms. 

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