Michael Ross, Author

‘Home-Front Hero!’

While our kids long to be accepted by their peers, whether or not they’re in a place to admit it, they hunger for family support and they crave more time with Dad. They need to hear “I love you,” “I’m proud of you,” and “I won’t give up on you.” They need you to be there for them. They’re counting on you to teach them, protect them, and look after their well-being in this often-frightening world. They need you to equip them to navigate life as Christ-followers; secure in their true identities, and trusting in the promises of the one true God. 

They need you to plant seeds of faith in their lives and spark in them a vision for the future.

Your influence is utterly irreplaceable. But if you don’t feel much like a superhero these days, what are some basic, ordinary things a basic, ordinary dad can do? Here are five key ways I strive to be a home-front hero. 

  1. Nurture Their Abilities. This means zeroing in on their talents, and then looking for ways to nurture and develop them.
  2. Plant Seeds of Faith. Teach your children to know Jesus personally, and then equip them to stand strong in their faith.
  3. Pray for Your Children. Pray for them daily AND pray with them regularly. 
  4. Be Willing to Say You’re Sorry. Your humility and openness is the foundation for a healthy relationship between you and each of your children. 
  5. Give Fatherhood a Face. Put down your laptop, set aside your work and carve out a healthy ongoing block of father-child time.

You can do this. Let’s all mark June 2023 as a new beginning in being a ‘Home-Front Hero’.

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