‘A Frustrated Father’ 

II Samuel 12:7-8

Nathan told David, “Thus says the Lord God of Israel:

– ‘I anointed you as king over all Israel’ and 

– ‘I delivered you from the hand of Saul’

– ‘I gave your master’s house to you and your master’s wives to you’

– ‘I gave you the house of Israel and Judah, and if that was not enough…

– ‘I would have given you even more.’ 

These are the words of a ‘frustrated father’. He lists what He has done and that He would have done more. 

Then He asks what any father would ask, ‘Why?’

II Samuel 12:9

“Why then have you despised the word of the Lord by doing what is evil in His sight?”

despise – ‘to look down on with disrespect; contempt’

David’s multiple choices were more than lust and lying – these choices showed disrespect and utter contempt for God.

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