‘Provide and Protect’

The Angel had spoken and Joseph heard what he was to do…

Matthew 1:24

“When Joseph got up from sleeping, he did just as the Lord’s Angel commanded him. He married Mary but did not know her intimately until she gave birth to a son. And he named Him Jesus.”

What would this wedding look like? Mary and Joseph are now in agreement but how do they explain this to their parents and their family and their friends? Do they even try?

The Angel had commanded  Joseph to do two things:

   1. Take Mary as your wife. 

   2. Name the baby – Jesus. 

There were still unknowns but Joseph had his orders and he was likely highly motivated. He needed to protect his new wife from criticisms and rumors and provide for their new baby. Protecting and providing for your family is Manhood 101. 

Consummating their marriage was the tradition and the rule, but Joseph chose to wait. He knew intuitively without any known command on this matter from the Angel that right now he was to provide and protect. Marital intimacy could wait. Personal desires could wait. God’s calling was clear and strong enough to ‘call out’ the very best of Joseph. 

Christmas Application:  Have you embraced your calling to provide and protect? What adjustments might you make?  

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