Chuck Stecker, A Chosen Generation

‘Three Things’

In the book The Blessing, by Gary Smalley & John Trent, the power of the Biblical blessing is indisputable. In addition, the authors give readers the five essential elements of a Biblical blessing. The keys to a blessing are: 1. Meaningful Touch  2. Spoken Word  3. Express High Value  4. Picture a Special Future  5. Active Commitment 

I was very late to the party when it came to receiving and understanding the power of the blessing for myself. Consequently, I missed my responsibility to speak blessings over my wife, children and grandchildren.

It is too easy to fall into a trap by thinking, “Yes, absolutely, I have blessed my family. As fathers, we have the responsibility to continually bless and live out the blessing in the lives of our children and children’s children. This is ongoing and NOT a one time event.  

There are three things I want my children, grandchildren and spiritual children to always remember. These three things are what I now tell them regularly so they will never forget:

1.    I love you!

2.    I am proud of you!

3.    I believe in you!

 So when was the last time you spoke and truly meant these words to those you love? This June of 2023, you can take the first step and start by ‘blessing’ each of your children.  

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