Scott Haima, Christian Service Brigade  

‘Fathering Boys’

Manhood or growing to maturity is the goal of boyhood.  A boy’s life is marked by change and each year he is different from who he was before.  Sometimes his interests undergo such radical changes that he is considered totally unpredictable.  Seen in the light of God’s purpose and design of growing to manhood – these changes can be expected and understood.  Every boy is different, but despite their differences all have three basic drives:  

1. The urge to be

2. The urge to do                                              

3. The urge to know

Let’s focus in this blog on the urge ‘to be’ because every boy wants ‘to be’ accepted. A boy needs to develop a sense of self-worth and he knows it.  He has to accept himself as God made him.  Basically, a boy wants to live up to his ideal of success.  But where does this ideal come from?  It comes from his parents, his friends, the media, teachers, and more.  

When he gets to be a young man, a struggle ensues.  He wants to feel he is making it.  He gains self-confidence as he senses that he is living up to the standards which he believes.  But without godly guidance, he tends to adjust these standards to fit his own behavior.  

This is where a Christian dad with a biblical worldview steps in and disciples his son into biblical manhood. He walks with him to guide him and assist him to live up to these standards. He shows respect to his son as an individual and as a person with valid feelings and opinions. If dad does this, The urge ‘to be’ is fulfilled and his son will know he is accepted. So this summer – step in and do your best to disciple your son. 

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