Paul Jackson, Author 

‘Five Mistakes Dads Should Never Make’

You are reading the Iron Sharpens Iron Blog Posts this month because you want to excel as a father. Part of excellence is ‘avoiding common mistakes’. Here are five common mistakes to avoid:

1. Not praying with/for your children. Looking back now, I wish I’d prayed for and with my children more. It should have been a greater priority. I wish someone had helped me to be a praying dad a lot sooner. 

2. Not admitting when you’ve blown it. Six of the most important words you will ever speak to your children are: “I was wrong; please forgive me!” A dad’s apology lingers for a long time. 

3. Not affirming your children and their innate worth as a person created in the image of God. Find ways to communicate this clearly and consistently to your children. You can never do it enough! 

4. Not saying “I love you!” to your children, especially as they get older. “I love you!” What beautiful and powerful words! 

5. Not spending quality time with your children daily. A day lost because you’re too busy is lost forever. This is my #1 regret as a dad. As scripture cautions us 54 times, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” (Mark 4:9, et. al.)

So this summer, lets be alert to five mistakes we do not want to make!

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