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Imitate the Greatest Dad Ever

In real estate it is ‘Location, Location, Location’.

In Fathering it is “Communication, Communication, Communication’.  

God the Father is our model for this as we look at his clear communication to His Son in Mark 1:11; “And a voice came from heaven: ‘You are my son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.”  

Let’s break down this simple affirmation.

1.        This is my Son.  IDENTITY.

Jesus knew who he was and whom he belonged to. He knew his Father and his Father knew him. There was a certain clarity in this identity. It was personal; this is MY Son.

2.        Whom I love. FEELINGS.

Jesus knew how his Father felt about him. His Father communicated his emotional  feelings about his son. He loved him unconditionally and told anyone who was listening.

3.        With Him I am well pleased. PLEASURE.

Jesus brought pleasure to his Father. Was it his character? Was it his obedience? Nothing specific is mentioned in the text although we know this is before he even began his ministry. What is clear is that the Father felt pleasure when he thought about His Son.

 You and I can do this. For many years I have consciously affirmed each of my children using this model. I affirm their identity as my son or as my daughter. I let them know how much I love them. I tell each one how pleased I am with them. It doesn’t take much time – just some intentionality.  This Father’s Day let’s learn from the Best and may YOU bless your children. 

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